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Lash Lift Course

Cost of Course


Cost of Service


Potential Annual Income

$100,000 + 

See how this Lash Artist increased her income by becoming certified in lash lifting!

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Lash Certification Requirements:

This course is purposed for Licensed Estheticians or Cosmetologists.

The State of New York requires an Esthetics or Cosmetology License to perform "Appearance Enhancement" services If you are from out of state you must know states regulations.


New York General Business Law Sec. 400

400.6 The practice of “esthetics” means providing for a fee, or any consideration or exchange, whether direct or indirect, services to enhance the appearance of the face, neck, arms, legs, and shoulders of a human being by the use of compounds or procedures including makeup, eyelashes, depilatories, tonics, lotions, waxes, sanding and tweezing, whether performed by manual, mechanical, chemical or electrical means and instruments but shall not include the practice of electrology.

400.7 The practice of “cosmetology” means providing the services described in subdivisions four, five and six of this section, providing service to the hair, head, face, neck or scalp of a human being, including but not limited to shaving, trimming, and cutting the hair or beard either by hand or mechanical appliances and the application of antiseptics, powders, oil, clays, lotions or applying tonics to the hair, head, or scalp, and in addition includes providing, for a fee or any consideration or exchange, whether direct or indirect, services for the application of dyes, reactive chemicals, or other preparations to alter the color or to straighten, curl, or alter the structure of the hair of a human being.

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