So first of all, I can't say enough about how amazing Ms. Dione, my new lash Fairy God-Mother is. Her work is amazing! I was new to lash extensions but really excited to try them, as I am a avid lash wearer.  It was love at first blink!  After the first seamless application I was hooked! They're soooo natural looking, whether you like the natural look or a lil Vegas Showgirl drama like me! You wake up looking amazing every day! On top of her exemplary work, her spirit makes the experience calming. There are temporay beauty service providers and there are lifelong beauty professionals who become a part of your life, Ms Dione is certainly the latter. I promise you won't regret letting her bless your face!

Happy to finally find someone in the area to do my lashes.  The price was really good in comparsion to the salons in the south. I found Dione informative and look for ward to my next fill.

Emma J.

My brows look amazing! I feel like one of the makeup artist on Instagram, who always seem to have perfectly groomed brows.  I was able to get that deep dark full look I've always wanted! Thanks to Ink Lash Ink!

Olivia W.

Paloma S.

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Lash Clients

  • Please do not use mascara, eye makeup, or oil base skin care products around your eyes the day of your appointment. This will interfere with the bonding process of the adhesive to your natural lashes causing poor lash retention.Use a mild oil free cleanser to cleanse lashes and around the eyes before your appointment.

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  • Come prepared to take a lash nap or bring your earbuds with your audio preference to just chill. We need this time to be relaxing for you. Lashing requires accuracy and precision to create quality workmanship. 

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